Nokia Pc Sync For Mac

Nokia Pc Sync For Mac

Like Nokia Lumia PC Suite it can transfer and create backup of files and contacts, manage photos, videos and messages and edit phonebook. Home Resource Android Download PC Suite for Lumia sync with Windows PC and Mac. Yes or No; Android; Music; Samsung; YouTube; Hard Drive; Spotify; iTunes; iCloud; VLC; Alternatives; iPad. CompanionLink for Outlook is the most versatile tool, and the best value, to sync Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes from Outlook on your PC to your Nokia Phone or tablet. We offer more ways to sync than any other vendor. SyncMate will easily sync data on your Mac with Android Nokia and vice versa. Looking for a Nokia suite for Mac? You’ve just found it. SyncMate will easily sync data on your Mac with Android Nokia and vice versa. Devices; Free vs. Expert; Support; Devices; Free vs. SyncMate 4 allows syncing various data between your Mac and Windows Mobile, Windows PC, Blackberry, Nokia S40 phones and other devices.

Nokia PC suite is a collection of software that will enable you to synchronize your Nokia mobile devices with computers that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. With this package you can transfer photos, music, applications, etc. You can also send SMS or can use as a modem to have an access to the internet. But unfortunately, Nokia PC suite for mac is not yet released. This application is not there for the Mac OS and the Mac users are still struggling to place a connection between their Nokia device and computer. So here we are going to see a trick that will allow you to establish a connection within your Mac system and Nokia device via Nokia PC suite.We will be using parallels to run Windows in Mac and thus connect Nokia device into your Mac PC. But you will be getting an error if your try to connect your phone to the computer and so you have to use a USB fix, which might work. Remember, use this at your own risk and we won’t bear any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

Steps to get Nokia PC suite for Mac

The following steps that let you use Nokia PC suite on Mac, need to be followed only once with utmost care.

  • First of all get the latest Parallels Desktop for Mac and install the Nokia Suite in it.
  • Now download the script and store it in your home folder and then enable the root user, if you need you can refer this article to see how to enable it.
Nokia Pc Sync For Mac

The steps described below must be done every time you connect your phone to the Parallel.

  • Open the Terminal found in the location ‘/Applications/Utilities/’ and go to the root mode by entering ‘su’ and by hitting the return key.
  • Now give the root password that you gave while enabling it and press the return key when done.

Nokia Pc Suite For Mac Dmg

  • Now you have to run the USB fix by typing ‘sh’ and hit the return button and you will start receiving some error logs but are negligible.
  • Type “exit” twice to get out of the root mode as well as of the Terminal.
  • Open the Parallels and start Windows and connect your phone via USB data cable and most probably, Windows will detect the connection automatically and will start installing the essential drivers and will consume few seconds.
  • Now you can open the Nokia Suite and hit the ‘Get Connected’ button.

You are done with the process of connecting your Nokia device to your PC running on Mac.

As I said before, these steps have worked with me in different Nokia devices like N93, N73, N70, N90, E60, E61, E62, E70, 8801, etc; but we won’t bear for any responsibility for the problems that you may face (if any) while doing it. So do at your own risk and extreme care. Moreover, an assurance cannot be given for this method of accessing Nokia PC suite for Mac, since many have failed to make it work out whereas many managed to and so the entire process seems to be depending upon on many other factors too.

Hope this tutorial helps you to use Nokia PC suite for Mac. Do let me know if it worked out for you through the comments.

Nokia Pc App

Nokia Pc Sync For Mac

Nokia Pc Suite For Mac

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